Beyond The Border Gallery exhibiting at Art San Diego 2013

Booth #5. Featured Artists: Debby & Larry Kline. ART SAN DIEGO 2013 returns to Balboa Park for the 5th Edition of the Fair November 7-10, 2013. Established in 2009 as the first and only Contemporary Art Fair in San Diego. ASD has grown significantly each year in attendance, sales and exhibitors presented. Debby & Larry Kline will be featured artists at Art San Diego 2013 Contemporary Art Fair, and will be presenting a series of daily performances during the run of the fair, and giving demos of a cool new bit of technology. On Booth #5, Beyond the Border Gallery will showcase an ongoing series by the Klines: “The Candy Store” - a retail space housing "inconsumable products" made from prescription medicines (e.g. tobacco Teddy bears and Vioxx ceramic candies) adding to the dialogue surrounding healthcare issues and bridging boundaries between art, science, sociology and activism.


Raul Guerrero at Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair

Booth #65. “The Salon Project” is a patron supported exhibition that celebrates a select artist working in the classical tradition of fine art. This Inaugural Year exhibition features portraits of friends, artist and personalities living in Southern California. This on going portrait project is a component of a larger body of work entitled “Problemas y Secretos Maravillosos de Las Indias”, an historical study of the American continent, expressed in paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture.

De La Torre Brothers & Raul Guerrero at Art San Diego 2013 Online Auction - benefiting the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)


Art San Diego is an annually produced contemporary Art Fair that features prominent contemporary art galleries and attracts national and international attendees. Auction proceeds benefit Natural Resources Defense Council - reflecting ASD’s interest in environmental sustainability. Online bidding ends at 9 AM EST on Nov 9. Bidding then transfers to the live fair and ends at 11 PM EST on Nov 9. Winning bidders will be notified by Nov 12. Auction proceeds will benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an international environmental organization that, participates in a variety of interdisciplinary partnerships with artists, architects and designers to engage the public and raise awareness of environmental issues. The New York Times calls NRDC, One of the nation's most powerful environmental groups."

Featuring works by De La Torre Brothers and Raul Guerrero.

Ana Quesnell at The San Diego Museum of Art, “Women, War, and Industry”

This exhibition examines the myriad ways in which women have been represented in relation to war and industry in modern and contemporary art created in the United States. During the twentieth century, both the advent of war and increased industrialization, have led to major changes in the lives of women: their roles in their families, the way in which they dress, and the manner in which they are perceived in the public sphere. Bringing together work created in diverse media, this exhibition examines the iconic, historical, and fictional ways in which women have been represented in relation to the complicated and related factors of war and industry.

To complement the Museum’s holdings a number of modern and contemporary works by artists such as Miyoshi Barosh, Doris Bittar, Nava Lubelski, Catherine Opie, Iana Quesnell, An-My Lê, Pae White, Stephanie Sinclair, Benjamin Lowy, and Frohawk Two Feathers will augment the presentation.

Debby & Larry Kline, “Poke”, at Mesa College Gallery San Diego


Debby and Larry Kline are a husband-and-wife team of artist-provocateurs who try to make pieces that turn people’s heads. “We pose provocative questions, challenge preconceptions and generally screw with context to make a point,” they say in their artists’ statement. Their latest exhibit, “POKE,” at Mesa College Gallery, is well worth the drive from La Jolla. A selection of pieces from three different series, it takes jabs at religious imagery, the persistence of war, and our over-medicated society, and explores the unlimited possibilities of creating art out of restaurant-table rubble. On view is “The Age of Enlightenment,” a temple of 8-foot tall columns, each representing a different belief system, all ornamented with figures from commercial molds that have been cleverly re-purposed by the Klines.


Then there’s “The Candy Store,” which includes a pharmaceutical Ferris wheel and a wall of canopic vessels, not filled with body parts preserved for an ancient Egyptian afterlife, but topped with glazes containing some of the ground-up prescription medications that we contemporary pill-poppers, encouraged by willing doctors, consume like candy.

Article by Lonnie Burstein Hewitt

Artful Life by Cathy, “Poke: A Series of Provocations”, Debby and Larry Kline, exhibition at Mesa College, San Diego

When we walk into an exhibition space we don’t expect to see a store with items for sale. Debby and Larry Kline want to mess with us by taking things out of context. They present us with beautifully crafted objects – shiny, cute, funny, odd, kinetic, and nostalgic. Just when they reel us in with lightness and humor, we are hit with the question “Wait a minute, what is all this and what does it mean?” At the Mesa College exhibition space they have packed in a lot of punches – from a motorized carousel and ferris wheel made with pharmaceuticals, to a large installation called “The Age of Enlightenment”’ consisting of several large white greek-style columns with relief vignettes of historically significant religious imagery.

Article by Cathy Breslaw

Artful Life by Cathy, Debby & Larry Kline, Collaborative Artist - Provocateurs Talk about Themselves


Debby and Larry Kline are in love – their marriage and relationship is at the core of their collaborative art projects. Having been together for over 25 years, and working closely on the art they create, the Klines finish each other’s sentences and converse like a well choreographed dance. Since they have lived in San Diego County, the Klines have developed a rich and engaging collaborative studio practice. Their process involves a lot of brainstorming of ideas and ‘play’ as part of their art-making- often keeping a sketchpad in the car for bouncing ideas around on long trips. They have a strong belief in experimenting with materials and learning self taught new skill sets – sometimes on youtube, as part of each project. They often seek out equipment at garage sales – for example, they found a ceramics kiln for $75 and free molds for their installation works. In order to develop their projects, they hold ‘business meetings’ with each other in order to plan and determine practical decisions about each of their individual responsibilities.

Article by Cathy Breslaw

Debby & Larry Kline: 2013 San Diego Art Prize Recipients

The San Diego Art Prize, is a cash prize with exhibition opportunities at ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair (Booth #36). The prize spotlights established San Diego artists and emerging artists each season whose outstanding achievements in the field of Visual Arts merit the recognition.

San Diego Art Prize: Established Artists. Debby and Larry Kline are collaborative artists with a focus on issues of justice. They pose provocative questions, challenge preconceptions and generally screw with context to make a point. They strongly believe that the process of experimentation leads to truly amazing things in the studio.

Beyond The Border Gallery exhibiting at
Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair 2012


Booth C22. Featured Artists: De La Torre Brothers, Raúl Guerrero and Tania Candiani. The 4th annual ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Fair, presented by UBS Financial Services, will return September 6 through 9, 2012 to Balboa Park – the cultural center of San Diego. More than 60 leading galleries from the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia will be taking part.

Einar & Jamex De La Torre, “Microcosmos”, at Traver Gallery, WA

Exploring cultural iconography such as the World Wide Web, Japanese anime and the overwhelming commercialization of our society, Einar and Jamex de la Torre blend traditional Mexican Folk Art imagery with tongue in cheek cultural commentary. Using unconventional glass working techniques, the brothers force a reassessment of a material often considered purely decorative.

Raul Guerrero at “Behold, America!” – Art of the United States from Three San Diego Museums


Behold, America! includes works from the colonial period to the present that together tell a cohesive and dynamic story of the history of art in the United States. The exhibition is a part of an innovative collaboration between three renowned museums: the Museum of Contemporary Art San DiegoThe San Diego Museum of Art, and the Timken Museum of Art. The exhibition will be presented as three distinct, but related shows at the three institutions. The works at the Timken Museum of Art will focus on the concept of Forms and include traditional still-lifes by Raphaelle Peale and more contemporary works by Sam Gilliam. The San Diego Museum of Art will host the Figures component of the exhibition featuring portraitss by John Singleton Copley, Cindy Sherman, and John Currin. At the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego works related to the notion of Frontiers will showcase art created by Robert Irwin, Ann Hamilton, Albert Bierstadt, Asher B. Durand, and Eastman Johnson.

De La Torre Brothers, “Borderlandia: Cultural Topography”, at Craft & Folk Art Museum, CA

“Borderlandia: Cultural Topography” by Einar & Jamex de la Torre offers an eye-popping study of the terrain at the periphery of USA and Mexico. Conjuring up a vivid multi-polar world, the brothers create large-scale glass sculptures loaded with geopolitics and wit. Informed by their own cross-cultural encounters, the brother’s works are a visual and intellectual hybrid.

Beyond The Border Gallery exhibiting at Art San Diego 2010


A marketplace for the world's leading contemporary galleries. A creative space for artistic exhibitions. A forum for dialog on current topics in the art world. A cultural and social highlight in SD. Featuring 40 leading contemporary art galleries; solo / collabora-tive exhibitions; ART LABS city-wide; and discussions about Art & Money and how Art can be used as a tool for transforming cities.

Allison Renshaw, “Plastic Fantastic”, at Oceanside Museum of Art, CA

“Plastic Fantastic” explores the contrast between McMansions, plastic surgery and the artificiality of high- end living with San Diego’s gorgeous seaside weather and natural beauty.

De La Torre Brothers & Julio Orozco: 2010 San Diego Art Prize Recipients


Conceived to promote and encourage dialogue, reflection and social interaction about San Diego's artistic and cultural life, this annual award honors artistic expression. Each season it spotlights established and emerging artists whose outstanding achievements in the field of Visual Arts merit recognition.

Raul Guerrero at Cue Art Foundation, NY

Raul Guerrero was born in Brawley, California in 1945 and grew up in National City, located twelve miles north of Tijuana, Mexico. He currently resides in San Diego, California. In the 50's and 60's, weekly family visits to Tijuana introduced him to a variety of Mexican folk arts and crafts imported from the interior of Mexico and all types of kitsch geared towards the tourist market like Da Vinci's Last Supper rendered in plaster of paris, or Cervantes Don Quixote and Sancho Panza carved out of pine boards. At the same time an incredible array of pop and sub-cultures were evolving in Southern California, including low riders, pachucos, surfers, beats, folk singers, motorcycle gangs, Hollywood culture and the newly emerging music scene inspired by British bands. This co-mingling of cultures and images was absorbed by Guerrero and would influence his artistic approach and content from this point on.

Curated by Allen Ruppersberg

Beyond The Border Gallery exhibiting at Aqua Wynwood, Miami


Booth #12. Beyond the Border Gallery will feature six artists, all of whom have had extensive exposure at the museum level. Each artist brings a unique perspective to issues of race, gender and politics as influenced by the vibrant and dynamic culture of Tijuana and a unique perspective of the cross border art scene taking place between Tijuana and San Diego.